Holistic approach to development

Since its inception in 1992, SAMERTH has worked with poor and marginalised communities in an effort to develop their capacities, ultimately empowering them to come out of the threshold of poverty. The programme is developed as per the requirement of the community. In Kutch- we focus on water availability and leveraging resources around it. In the city of Ahmedabad- the organisation has working with urban poor and giving them access to education and developing leadership amongst women and adolescent girls and boys.

In Chattisgarh- the focus is to work with tribal communities and create and facilitate the process of accessing entitlements and education. By improving their resource base and giving them access to education and health, communities are able to assert their basic rights from the local and state governments.


Accountability and Transparency

We ensure clarity of information and program details is available to the community and their consent for the implementation of program is ensured. The communities are aware of the project details and the financials associated with it. The ranges of programmes are implemented successfully across due to high accountability levels of the staff- across the organisation. Through a process of regular monitoring and evaluation and internal financial controls the organisation ensures accountability to the communities where we work and the donors who provide for financial support.We have a robust financial management system through which we exercise internal controls and manage the funds of donors effectively. We also have streamlined reporting systems through which we provide for expenditure statements and fund utilisation to donors on a quarterly basis or as required by the donors.


The Advantage

SAMERTH constantly finds ways for its grant partners get the leverage of increased resources and for its donors to get the maximum return on their investments


Engaging The Partners

SAMERTH actively engages with all its partners- SAMERTH partners mainly are the community that we work for and our financial partners- our donors. SAMERTH engages with the communities through involving communities in the development process and creating institutions within the communities for sustainability of programs and long term engagement within the community. SAMERTH engages with the financial partners as they provide for funding support and strategic support.


Sharing best practices

SAMERTH actively transfers best practices across organizations and networks in order to bring new ideas to solving problems. SAMERTH facilitates this knowledge transfer by institution building within the community, sharing sustainable implementation model with like minded NGO’s and through meeting with donors. We also contribute to the knowledge base of the NGO community through our constant research and documentation activity..