Work in Kutch

Nourish International OSU INDIA 2015, building of rainwater harvesting structure in Gagodar, Kutch.

Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structure, Chattisgarh

This film provides a brief overview of how with the proper implementation of Rainwater rooftop harvesting at Madiya Kachar primary school in the Gaurela block of Bilaspur district has lead to social and economic changes in the village.

Impact of water quality training in Rapar

Creating water assets in villages of Rapar was crucial. What was equally important was to ensure the quality of this water. After creating water structures in the villages of Rapar, Samerth Trust realised this and has been regularly testing water samples for their quality. Along with that, Samerth has also conducted trainings on various aspects of water quality in the villages, local techniques of keeping water clean and potable etc. Watch how this has fared in improving the incidence of water-borne diseases in these villages.

Creating water assets through MGNREGA in Rapar

For many in Rapar taluka, Kutch, migration was a way of life in the absence of rainfall in search of greener pastures or work opportunities. But when the people realised their collective potential and how they could use it to resolve water scarcity in their villages, there was no stopping and the compulsion to migrate reduced. Watch how locals in Rapar with the help of Samerth Trust leveraged MGNREGS funds to create water structures in their villages.

Information Centres in villages of Rapar

In a bid to bring water security to the people in the villages of Rapar, SAMERTH created Information Centres in villages to serve as a single-window facility to obtain information on Government schemes and programmes and apply for the same. These centres are run by local youths and have helped many receive their entitlements. Due to the guidance from the Information Centres, villagers also got their job cards made and 622 families were able to generate 74,640 person days under MGNREGA to create water based assets.

Locals become Geohydrologists in Rapar

Watch video to find out how local youth created ponds and wells in water-stressed villages of Rapar block, Kutch using geohydrological techniques. The team from Samerth Trust along with local village members underwent trainings on geohydrology from Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT, Bhuj) and applied this knowledge to create water assets for their villages by leveraging funds from MGNREGS.

Impact of Menstrual Hygiene Management training in Rapar

Watch how training on menstrual hygiene provided to adolescent girls in schools of Rapar block, Kutch has helped people understand and overcome certain age-old taboos/superstitions regarding menstruation and instill better hygiene practices among them. The training was carried out by Samerth Trust with the support of local PHC nurses and Anganwadi workers.

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With efforts of the SAMERTH team and community participation the tribal people were able to access government health facilities of which 135 are men and 104 are women.

Samerth Talim Kendra started in 2007 for children with special needs. Its aim is to educate special children and aid their mental and physical development based on their individual capacities.