Resources in villages are made through micro plan assessment; firstly water security plan is formulated, in which activities are planned as per the priority needs of village people. Then this plan is represented in Gram Sabha organized by State government so that villagers get more and more participation in decision making; then this plan goes further for discussion at block level and from that the annual plan is prepared. To ensure the quality of water, water testing is done by Samerth at various locations, especially for hardness of water and TDS testing.

Samerth has extended its support to make villages water secure by strengthening the panchayat Village Health and Water and Sanitation Committees for maintenance and sustainability of water resources built.

Building water resources in Kutch has improved the quality of life of people of that region. The lives of 15000 persons, who were migrating from village to village in search for water and employment, have stabilized due to efforts done by Samerth. The availability of water has changed their sowing patterns in agriculture and also changed animal husbandry conditions, which has not only improved their financial condition, but also improved their sanitation habits. Reducing drudgery of women who used to walk 4 to 5 km to fetch water was now a past because of Samerth efforts and which has also improved health of women. Decrease in migration has also decreased the drop-out ratio of children, which results in increase in their education qualifications.

The work done in Kutch region by Samerth is a holistic approach; it has not just satisfied the basic need of water, but it has improved their quality of life by uplifting their financial, social and mental condition.

At present Samerth is working in 20 villages and 65 vandhs in Rapar block of Kutch district out of total 97 villages and 120 registered vandhs and other smaller 130 habitations which are not registered. And so far this project has enable us to reach out to the population of 52,908. Samerth has covered 20% of the villages directly.

Recent Update

In the month of may 2015 four volunteers from Nourish international participated in creating Rain Roof water harvesting structure at Samerth's Kutc

With a view to help communities get information about 15 different government welfare and development schemes at their doorstep.