Samerth planned its interventions in the area of water security by building earthen check dams and digging wells and ponds to increase ground water level and storage capacity - hence increasing water availability in the region from 5-6 moths to 8-10 months a year.

In order to build these water resources, Samerth realized that MGNREGA is an ideal option, not just for building resources but also to generate employment and reduce migration. To leverage the fund of MGNREGA and to put demand for work under the scheme, Samerth helped the people in getting job cards and also helps the government authorities to fasten the process of issuing pending job cards. All this is done by creating awareness among the villagers by facilitation government mandated gram sabhas and preparing communities before hand in the mini gram sabha.

To make MGNREGA scheme more inclusive , Samerth has encouraged disabled people to get work under the scheme and also helps women and elderly people to demand work within 4 km of their village and to open, demand and manage crèche on the work sites where children are there. 30% Participation of women in building the resources is a proof of that. Till date, Samerth has helped to leverage funds of Rs. 3,40,0000/- for MGNREGA.

Training on Geo-hydrological issues in six villages was conducted by a team with support from Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT). The knowledge of trainers helps to put work demand that is technically sound under MGNREGA scheme.

Recent Update

In the month of may 2015 four volunteers from Nourish international participated in creating Rain Roof water harvesting structure at Samerth's Kutc

With a view to help communities get information about 15 different government welfare and development schemes at their doorstep.