In future Samerth plans to focus on the following three pillars of effort to base its activities.

  1. Developing a blue print for ‘Rapar block’ to fulfill its water needs in 97 villages that includes 140 recognized (enlisted the government revenue records) hamlets and 110 unrecognised hamlets (unrecorded).

  2. Formation of Rapar Parab and its functioning as a local expert cadre to serve the region and outside in the area of water resource planning and geo-hydrology.

  3. Introducing elements of ‘Participatory Ground Water Management’ for making water available, management, conservation, equitable distribution, regeneration, and under social dynamics and link it for good governance.

  4. Working in close collaboration with block and district government authorities and participating in joint planning, resource allocation, and advocacy.

There is a need to construct and review 760 dug wells and 730 ponds (Talab) in the entire region and we would appeal the donors, individuals, institutions and government institutions to join hands to expand our reach to make Rapar block water positive.

Recent Update

In the month of may 2015 four volunteers from Nourish international participated in creating Rain Roof water harvesting structure at Samerth's Kutc

With a view to help communities get information about 15 different government welfare and development schemes at their doorstep.