Seasonal School

Seasonal School

Sitaben Nanjibhai was unaware of what she is going to achieve when she came to this school. Though she felt out of place in the beginning soon she found herself at ease. Apart from the classroom education she underwent grooming and changing her life style through proper hygiene and an active school life . Through her stay at the hostel and education at the residential school she feels a positive change in her.

Not only does she lead a life with perfect health, hygiene andsystematic schedule, she can also read Gujarati alphabets including vowels, words without and with vowel 'a' and the lesson from the text-book with an ease. She is also capable of working on maths as a subject. In English she is able to speak and write the alphabets as well. After coming to the hostel there has been a lot of positive change in her.

She is very comfortable here, and whenever she goes to her home, she comes back on time.

She asserts that she wants to remain in the hostel during vacation, and that she would continue her studies for std. 3rd. Sita has passed std. 2nd with 'A' grade.

From having no choice to attend any school to being able to attend school at the hostel, Sita has come a long a long way.

The impact of this project is that it rekindled the light of knowledge and hope in Sita and her family that she could definitely study and educate herself. She is not just a student but an "Aspirant" now as she aspires to study further and this opportunity has come her way through SAMERTH's engagement with the migrant community.

Recent Update

We have focused on training women, empowering the community through RTE and RTI and helped them find their voices in order to demand their rights.

To provide life skills training – (a module specially developed that includes legal literacy, information on rights and schemes, information on men

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Samerth Talim Kendra started in 2007 for children with special needs. Its aim is to educate special children and aid their mental and physical development based on their individual capacities.