Talim Kendra

Talim Kendra

Samerth Talim Kendra started from 2007 catering to the mentally challenged children. The children enrolled in this center are suffering mainly from Down ’s syndrome, autism, mental retardation and Cerebral Palsy, facing difficulties in learning. With the help from various experts like psychologist, speech therapist and physiotherapist and depending on their mental and physical capacity IAP (Individual Assessment Plan) is prepared in which goals, strategies and activities of a child is planned for a year.

38 children attend the centres. We have identified additional 132 children from the neighborhood but due to lack of sufficient funds we are unable to reach them.

Till now 5 children have been enrolled in regular school from Talim Kendra. The children of Talim Kendra are mostly coming from economically weak segment of the society. Counseling of parents is undertaken by Samerth’s urban team to better manage and follow up on the therapies and skills.

Samerth is also running PEACE education - classes in 42 schools of Ahmedabad. The course has also been designed by Samerth, which helps 54595 children to understand the value of peace and coexistence.

We attempt to make them self-reliant in as many ways as possible and strive to create for them a place in mainstream society. The process of ensuring personality development of such children needs to be extremely sensitive and customized for each child. Such special care can be imparted only in a center that is meant exclusively for such children and Samerth Taleem Kendra is in the process of doing the same.    

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With efforts of the SAMERTH team and community participation the tribal people were able to access government health facilities of which 135 are men and 104 are women.

Samerth Talim Kendra started in 2007 for children with special needs. Its aim is to educate special children and aid their mental and physical development based on their individual capacities.